Saturday, 20 September 2008

Tim Burgess from The Charlatans at Forever Heavenly

Tim Burgess from The Charlatans at Forever Heavenly

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*Tim's smile is really lovely.Thank you so much.
It was so amazing 90’s popular label Heavenly big party is 3days along with Themes Festival.
Most of artists from Heavenly played on the days. Tim from The Charlatans played as a DJ.
His band is not Heavenly. I guess he used to be sing with Saint Etienne title called “ I was born on Christmas day.” on 1993? It’s so lovely video and sounds.
I could see Saint Etienne show, Sarah Cracknell is still cute and lovely. It was amazing show, Tim didn’t sing with her though. I put the video "Nothing can stop us" below. Kylie Minogue sing that’s song as well her album. Sarah Cracknell sing with Hideki Kaji on QOS myspace page video song “Tokyo to London” on his first album.
Also, I could see a short film of Weekender “Flowered up” on the theater. And Andrew Weatherall’s DJ as well amazing.
So, I’m very happy, my teenager’s music was there. I really wanted to go these party again. Because when I was teenager I couldn’t go at the party like it. It was perfect days!
The charlatans will go to play in Japan in this November. Don’t miss them!!

16 November Tokyo Shinkiba STUDIO COAST(BRITISH ANTHEMS Headliner with Lightspeed Champion, Base Ball Bear, The Metros, Big Strides and The Troubadours )
17 November Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
19 November Osaka CLUB QUATTRO
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The charlatans "The Misbegotten"

*Saint Etienne "Nothing can stop us" at Queen Elizabeth Hall

Sarah Cracknell

*Saint Etienne X Tim "I Was Born On Christmas Day" at 1993

*Heavenly brand new recommad young band Beggars.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1