Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Plastic Passion At Offset Festival

Lemmi Eaton from Plastic Passion at Offset Festival

"We Have Come So Far" at Offset Festival
Photo & Video by Ira Irencid

Plastic Passion at in front of Old Bule Last
At Old Bule Last

*Plastic Passion : Lemmi Eaton,Glenn Clift, Mike Frank
*Myspace :

*Oh,I'm suprised the photo of Plastic Passion at Offset festival! Lemmi wear on QOS 5 colour T!! That's amazing! I couldn't make it there but my friend Ira took some photo for me!!Thank you so much!She was really enjoy theirs show.
Well,I had a shooting with Plastic Passion at the other day in front of Old bule last.I got some shot which on QOS flickr site click the image to see more!
And I take a video for theirs cool song "It's been done" Check below!!
Plastic Passion's sounds is Queens Of Sounds Compilaton #2 "We Have Come So Far [Q.O.S. Mix]"!! It's really good on dance floor song!!It's compilation only 5 stock in Amazon now. (QOS Compilation on Amazon. jp)Please get it asap!!It's limited stuff! And you can order limited cotton bag! It's order from La reine Reinette with Plastic Passion sign card!Don't miss it!

Plastic Passion Drum Kit
QOS Sticker on Plastic Passion Drum kit!!Lovely.

Plastic Passion "It's been done" at Old Blue last

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1