Wednesday, 24 September 2008

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo in Japan

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

Photo by KH

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
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*My friend Yumi send me Al's photo and message and review!! It’s beautiful and nice location. I guess there it’s temple called “Meijijingyu” at Harajyuku in Japan. Thank you so much for Al,Yumi,KH. I’m very happy They were really enjoy in Japan!
Please read below Yumi’s review! How sounds was really fun!
I recived another some maths enjoy gig message, Thank you so much!

*Maths class absolutely enjoyed staying in japan and now they do hope they would be back in japan to play soon.
Actually one of the menbers Piers is supposed to start learning japanese very soon,which made us happy.
Im looking foward to talking with him in japanese when he is back in japan next time.

The japan tour started in osaka and was going on in sendai&finally in tokyo.As you know they released their own EP in August in japan,that's why they were invited to come over.
A live at ShibuyaLush was so exciting and energetic!!!especially Tim was shouting&shouting and dancing&dancing brilliantly!Awesome!
They played some new songs this time,one of them hasn't got a name yet though.My favorite song 'Nerves' was greaaaaat to watch! Love it sooooo much!
The crowd there was pretty good.Before&after the gig all the members was being surrounded by the fans.All of menbers and fans looked so happy to see each other.
Anyway they are super friendly,such nice guys.We love them!
The next day they had an art performance at AND A aoyama and also played after that.It was beautiful&brilliant!
I cant wait to see them play in japan again.....Is it too early to say it?haha

As I heard from the members their favorite japanese food was cow's tongue in sendai.They said to me they anyway kept eating so much food everyday during thier stay in japan.Japanese food must've been delicious! They also enjoyed a bit shopping in Harajuku.
They seemed to be knackered on the last day coz of tiredness from tight schedule.
I hope they have more spare time to do more things if they come to japan again.Yeah,I really hope so.

Thanks very much for sharing such a great time with us!

Word by Yumi Takakura

Maths Class at AND A

Maths Class at ShibuyaRubyRoom

Photo by Yumi

Thank you so much!

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