Monday, 3 November 2008

AL from Maths Class at Hoxton Square

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
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*It's already autum in London now. The melancholic photo with AL.
He told me was enjoy as well in Japan tour.His last photo in Japan on this site(below photo),lots of people said to me "really like".I really like these too.Thank you so much again.
AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

Well,I just got back to my blog, he was just on here before 1 year ago as well. My friend had sent me his photo with QOS but I didn't take photo for 1 year with him.
I think really work well with him, because he is fit any QOS clothes and he is very photogenic here. I really like all his photo on this site.
So, in this time, I find a good location in Hoxton.
It's remind me my favorite 60's french movie "Vivre Sa Vie" DVD cover.

I'm really happy for taking the photo.I'd like to work more with him in future.
Nice xxx

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