Friday, 28 November 2008

Dan from Televised Crimewave at 100 Club

Dan from Televised Crimewave

Dan from Televised Crimewave

*Daniel Wilson
*Vocals from Televised Crimewave
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*Dan,Dan,Congratulation for supporting for LOTP!!It was amazing line-up!!!I thought again I'm happy TVC sounds on QOS Compilation.So,I wish TVC X LOTP show more!!
Well,Dan,Nice to back here, I received some message of Dan's request actually.
I tried not to get hot for him,because his lovely is annoying me. I can't get it like him, can't reach it.I try to pretend him,unconsciously.
He is really original and fun.
but totally They are fun.I missed them lots.
Good to see them at a great party!!
He wore QOS Hound's-tooth check cardigan version,It's new!
Lovely pose,Dan,Thank you XXXxx

Televised Crimewave " Fire & Flowers" at 100 Club

Nice to see you!! XXx

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1