Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sam from Late Of The Pier at 100 Club

Sam from Late Of The Pier

*Sam eastgate
*Vocal,Guitar from Late Of The Pier
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*I'm really happy to see genius Sam at 100 club. long time no see him. He spoke to me He really like the venue which many jazz and blue and modern rock musician photo gallery on the red wall 100 club he visited at first time.
I wrote a few days ago as well, I'm really happy he listen QOS compilation. He said it's good! I love to listen Late Of The pier album lots and everyday. No.1 of the year album!
Sam wear new Blue jumper. Yes,I saw it, I remind it's Sam's colour. He is very suite it,isn't he? He still continue to play hard schedule.They will go to Japan again in January.So,Keep well and take care at anytime.

Late Of The Pier " Focker" at 100 club

Late Of The Pier show was so amazing and super fun time!!
I wish Late Of The pier x Televised Crimewave again.Please!!
Lots of love the Pier xxxxx

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1