Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hideki Kaji About "Queens Of Sounds compilation CD Vol.1"

Hideki Kaji with QOS Comilation

*Hideki kaji
*Singer song writer
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*Photo and Word : Yuri Hirai from la reine Reinette
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*QOS limited Compilation!!
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Please get the copy!!!

*Yuri from la reine Reinette had sent me Hideki Kaji's review and interview of Queens Of Sounds Compilation.
She got that when Hideki did acoustic show in "SOLE CAFE" Kyoto.
It was good atmosphere in the afternoon and he sang his new album "lolipop" songs.

Hideki say "QOS compilation is like QOS!!
It's good real London indie music scene.
QOS friends made it from good connection in naturally."

His favorite are The Winter Club which is insipred him like Marine Girls sounds. and Televised Crimewave sounds is like the same feeling as Hatcham Social.and Tiger Force etc...

Thank you so much!!

And He has a popular club party "BLUE BOYS CLUB"
He plays some song from the compilation, sure!
He would love to invite some musician from UK in future for the party.
It's getting poplar and fun that he make a new music scene in Japan.

21 November Friday 2008 at Astoro Hall Harajyuku Tokyo
open/ start23:00
Advance ticket : 2500 yen / on the day : 3000yen
info:ASTRO HALL 03-3402-3089

Thank you so much for Yuri and Hideki.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1