Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hideki Kaji about his New album "LOLLIPOP"

Hideki Kaji with QOS Comilation

Hideki Kaji with QOS Comilation

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*Hedeki's New album "LOLLIPOP" was released on 22 October!

Lollipop is 80's feeling lots and really fresh sounds.
Hdeki's especially original sounds like his kind and Innocent sounds,
and coquettish and pure lyrics.
It's remind me a feeling like childhood's Lollipop I can't forget.
So,it's glitter!
Cover is like Swedish stuff and so cute.
It's remind me Strawberry Switchblade.
It's lovely.

LOLLIPOP was recording at Tambourine studio Malmö in Sweden with Eggstones.
It's include a song "Amai koibito" from Big hit movie "Detroit metal city".

*Detroit metal city HP:


*Mr Osanai(Label Second Royal records)'s Marriage and birthday Party photo!
Hideki did Dj with KINKS. Playlist is include his new album "Lollipop" song,"too much too young" It's sounds like Satan came to me, suddenly.
It's really hot time!
The song "too much too young" is for J-SPORTS TV Series "FOOT!" song!
He make the sound for the program since 2001 February.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1