Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hanjiro at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Photo : Neil

Masashi & Rica from Hanjiro
Masashi & Rica

Kyohei from Hanjiro
An amazing guitarist!

Kazu from Hanjiro
He try to be our drum star Ross as Red dog from Late Of The Pier!
The same Style we enjoy!
Ross's photo :


Kyohei From Hanjiro
funny Kyohei who a amazing QOS super model!

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*An amazing time Hanjiro! Lots of audience were really enjoy them. Everybody told me" Hanjiro" was amazing. Yeah! So, I was so impressed for them my super favorite 90's Japanese hit song "konyawa (Tonight) boogie back" by Kenji Ozawa they played for the special night!! Yeah, massive great they are!!Lovely shooting was so fun.
Also VJ Rhiz during Hanjiro I really like his visual image! So, parfect happy time "Hanjiro"!
Thank you so much for helping the night all the time! We keep well!!

Hanjiro "今夜はブギーバック(Tonight boogie back)" at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Amazing VJ Rhiz!! Thank you so much.

The Party Photo :
Sorry not many in this time....

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