Sunday, 5 April 2009

Late Of The Pier Japanese Magazine "Hard To Explain"!!

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*Late Of The Pier
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*It's photo at Shibuya Tokyo in Japan.It's very popular place,Faley wear all QOS top stuff are so stunning!!It has a video as well! It's looks so fun!
Well,they are now on Japanese Magazine "Hard To Explain" for interview!!
Please check it if you are in Japan.
So kind and nice edtior Y from "Hard To Explain" let me know about it and will send me it soon. Can't wait to read it with faley wear on QOS page! Also, you can watch the interview on below! fun.Thank you so much.

"Hard To Explain" This month cover!

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Interview with Late Of The Pier @ Osaka Jan.2009

I found new amazing SXSW shoot and video! Amazing 3!!cool guys!!

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Some more video was up, I found theirs trouble scene, it's shocking but Sam was so cool there! hero!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1