Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ross from Late Of The Pier, QOS collection at SXSW US!!

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Photo : Patrice J
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*Drums from Late Of The pier
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*It's so amazing!! QOS debut in USA??!! Ross wear QOS lots in SXSW!!Yeah, He is a king of the QOS!!It's so Sweet lovely!!Thanks!! It's Groovy number pop T bring some lucky for wears! It's lucky colour way of the year stuff!I guess Late Of The Pier success in USA as well!I was really enjoy and happy to watch these photo and some video on youtube!Thank you for up lording!! and thank you so much for letting me know,it is just my reverie!Miss you guys lots always!!I reall hope you're well at anytime at everywhere xxxxxxxx

Late of the Pier "The Bears Are Coming" at Cedar Courtyard in Austin SXSW!!

Late of the Pier "Bathroom Grugle" Live La Zona Rosa SXSW 09

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1