Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dave & Leo from Bear Arms at Chalk Farm

Dave & Leo from The Beetles

Dave & Leo from The Beetles

Leo from The Beetles

Dave from The Beetles

*The Beetles
*Dave Lazer: vocals/guitar & Leo the Lewis : Lead Guitar
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*It was a fun night shooting with Dave & Leo from Bear Arms. They are so nice and kind for QOS site! Dave tryed to play on the street with his cool guitar! Thank you so much!!Dave was already in this site 2years ago as his ex band Dustin's Bar Mitzvah.He made a new band "the von erich family" and changed name now "The Beetles",,,, Dave still play cool punk rock.They will play with television personalities which my favorite classic UK indie punk band in next month! It's that cool,I've listened lots the first album "And Don't the Kids Just Love It"
but I've never seen them. Also, I try to buy it's vinyl album but it's soexpensive.wanted!!Anyway I try to come down!! Don't forget to watch theirs gig below!!cool Pop punk!!
Thank you so much xxx

The Beetles "Seven Souls" at The Enterprise

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1