Thursday, 31 July 2008

Count Down to out Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1 tomorrow!!

Queens Of Sounds Vo.1 Compilation

1. Kids (Televised Crimewave)
2. We Have Come So Far [Q.O.S. Mix] (Plastic Passion)
3. Edit/Select (I Say Marvin)
4. Syntax Error! (Tiger Force)
5. When It Gets Dark (Tin Can Telephone)
6. 31st Floor (The Tamborines)
7. The Big Trip (The Winter Club )
8. Maredo (Lord Auch)
9. Maybe Baby (The Sigma)
10. Trendy Scum (The Breakers)
11. Little Vagabond (Letters From London)
12. Nature Got One Over Me (The Brights)
13. Details Therapy (Tramp)
14. The Finishing Line (Hong Kong In the 60's)
15. Hello (Hanjiro)

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Fastcut Records
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Also, I'm late uplord for the last Party Blog, so sorry,.....

Party more Photo from

John from Letters From London
*John Sterry
*Letters From London

John has 50 limited bag for QOS compilation.
It's order from KAFFREC

Also, Christian(left) wear new Shirts! details very soon.
Thank you so much for coming many people, was really cool night!

Enjoy the Sounds!!

Lots Of Love xxxxxxxxxxx

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1