Saturday, 5 July 2008

QOS x Geisha Disco Party at Notting Hill Art Club - The Sigma

Simon from The Sigma
Photo by Mii Yatogi

*The Sigma

The Sigma" Maybe Baby"

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*That’s really nice back VJ with The Sigma gig at there. Amazing! It made from RHIZ, Iku, Kumaki. Thank you so much. I really love it! The Sigma did back to play in Queens Of Sounds party. Theirs songs are really suite! Also, They already released EP album in Japan at last month! You can get the copy thought the label 1977 records. Please check it.
Hopefully, they will play in Japan very soon.
Well, The Sigma “ Maybe Baby” on Queens Of Sounds Vol.1 too! It’s the most sweet song from them!!

THE SIGMA - "Whatever Happened To..." EP In Japan from 1977 Records

1 - Maybe Baby
2 - She Said, He Said
3 - Emily
4 - St. Bride's
5 - Whatever Happened to...
6 - Creeping Around


What's the geisha Dancers.
I put on the pics ,it was some sexy kimono dancer changed on the stage!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1