Friday, 11 July 2008

Ed Larrikin, The Pan I am & Mami at Horse Hospital

Ed Larrikin, The Pan I am

Ed's new band member
Photo by Mii

*Edward Larrikin
*The Pan I Am
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*I met ED, he is really fine! I was really worry Some of The pan I am show was cancelled lately. No worry Ed is fine and make his new styling now. I’m very happy to see him again. As soon as he could see me, say Hi!! and shake his hand. He is really fine. And he asked me “How is going Queens Of Sounds!!” I spoke about QOS compilation. He really pleased about it. So, I started Queens Of Sounds from ED fashion inspire! Queens from Larrikin Love’s song “Six Queens.” And he helped me lots to wear my T and stuff on his stage even in Japan! So, I still appreciate for Ed, Micko, Coz, Alfie.
I’m still interesting Ed’s fashion. he wore the T from china which his travelling place and his girlfriend Alice made the sweet Wood brooch and cute eyeliner and hair style like Six Queens Video! He still fashionable.
He changed song writing style but Still ED’s world. And he got new band member.
He is working The Pan I am Debut album at the moment.I Can't wait to listen it asap. He asked me come to next gig? Yes!! Yes!! When??? Not yet comfirm....Please please make it!!
Mami chose to live in London for Larrikin Love, ED! She was really happy to see him!
And She got the sign on QOS bag from ED! She was really really happy! good shot!

So,,,we spoke about the sign bag on us back way…We bet if Dan from televised Crimewave watched it, he would say let me to write something… and a few days later, we met dan, he absolutely said to her write something on back.
He wrote “Im not ED Im Dan Sorry x” We were so laugh! We understand his action, we don’t know why!!
Mami was little bit shock,,,,,but we hope it will be more expensive stuff!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1