Thursday, 17 July 2008

Dan from Televised Crimewave Birthday at The macbeth

Daniel from Televised Crimewave ♥

Photo & Video : Mii a.k.a Ponyrock

*Daniel Wilson
*Vocal from Televised Crimewave
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*They are my energy, help and support lots for Queens Of Sounds.
Dan's birthday party it's happening was 5th July! It was amazing!
I'm so sorry not write for age…I'm still laugh lots about the night.
I haven't been laugh for long time from my belly.I did the most laugh at the night in lately!!I hurt my belly and lay on there!
Fun Fun Lots of fun!It was amazing show as well!I told lots of my friends in my last QOS party in Notting Hill arts club about Televised Crimewave.
I did copy of dan. My friends were really interesting for it and lots of friends came down to see them on the day.My friends were really enjoy to see them and being lots of fan for them and they promised to come see them on next.

Yes,yes,,When I was feeling low,,, Dan could make laugh me lots, gave me a passion from theirs video,,, I watched lots, Mii ,thank you for taking video. It saved me!When I was crying lots, he was singing,,, and dancing on there,,,, I couldn't loose...

I got offer QOS Compilation from last October but I don't have lots of energy for it then… but when I saw Televised Crimewave show, I decided to make it.
And this time, I did a new polo T design for Dan. I really like this it's details will be HP and shopping site soon.
I wear the same as him! It's very suite for Dan!!Thank you!

Si from Lord Auch & Mii on the floor
We learned Dan's dance from himself!Lucky us!
and Si from Lord Auch was join! Si!! So cool at anytime but was so funny. I love his dance too!!
*Lord Auch

Televised Crimewave, Lord Auch on QOS Compilation Vol.1
I'm very happy both include on there.
Thank you so much,Appreciate. Love & Love xxxxxx

Check New amazing Video!!
Televised Crimewave "Kids" promo

Thank you for gave me a credit!!
Love xxxxxxxx

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1