Thursday, 10 July 2008

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Launch Party at Hoxton bar and Kitchen on 24th July!

You laugh me I wanted to be little bit Tony Wilson & Peter saville.

When I was teen, I listened lots Flippers Guitar.
That's inspire from Manchester Scene.
Japanese called it " O manche"
It was big inspiration.

So,I'm really happy to inform you!!

QOS Compilation out on 30 July!!
QOS Compilation listening Launch Party 24th July!

QOS compilation Launch Party 24th July!! Front
+ DJ Satoko, Hideco(QOS)

QOS compilation Launch Party 24th July!!
Get buy the copy from Amazon.

http://www. amazon. co. jp/gp/product/B001BJ9VY0

I draw the flyer from my favorite old picture, it's renewal!!
Please come to see us!!
It gonna be great night!
Love Love Love

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1