Thursday, 18 December 2008

QOS New Stuff!! --- AL from Maths Class at East London

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
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*It's new QOS Stuff Mohair jumper blue!!It's warm. More details Ill introduce it on next. This time I want to show you, I took like fashion photo shooting with al. I really like top photo!
3rd photo, Al has Toy camera Holga. It's amazing colour film camera but it's difficult to take some photo at sometimes.Below photo is al's debut photo gallery.Amazing!
He looked enjoy to watch some animals!
I hope he will show his another photos on here at sometimes.

Al's photos by Holga at Hackney farm with lovely animals.




Cuties,Thanks x x x x

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