Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hideki Kaji "LOLIPOP" Tour in Japan and la reine Reinette SHOP Open in Osaka!!

Hideki Kaji with Big Chuppa Chaps
Hideki Kaji
Photo : Yuka Ando

Toshi & megumi in Osaka
Toshi & megumi in Osaka
Photo : Yuri Hirai

*It's Hideki's Tour Photo.Thank you for sending some photo!! Amazing!!
Hideki did make-up for cover night for gothic and punk and he has Big Chuppa Chaps "Kaji-chups"!! It was present by his fan from his lately album "lollipop".I really wanted "QOS-chups"!! It's really envey!

The other photo is Hideki's big fans Toshi & megumi in Osaka.
Toshi wear QOS x Reinette Collaboration Cardigan and Megumi has QOS Bag!!
woo,,, Thank you so much!!

la reine Reinette has flag shop in Osaka from Today!!
Well, you can try on the cardigan and bag on there!
light green cardigan is most sold out, only XS left.
Bag&CD SET are stock in again!
Please get them!!

*la reine Reinette SHOP Open in Osaka
Pre Open : 23 December - 28 December
Open : 23 January 2009!!

Address : MEBLO16 3F,1-16-1 Minami Horie Nishi-ku Osaka
Web : http://www.reinette-web.com/

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