Sunday, 28 December 2008

Mystery Jets only one night show in Japan!

Blaine from Mystery Jets

Kapil from Mystery Jets

Will from Mystery Jets

Non & Kai from Mystery Jets
Non & Kai

*Mystery Jets
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Mystery Jets only one night show
8 Jan 2009 20:00
Club Quattro, Shibuya Tokoyo

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*Don't Miss them only one night amazing show!!
They were really busy and success in this year!! We were really worry about Blaine's health.But he was getting well to see him at last time.I hope they will play well in Japan as well!! Mystery Jets member really like Japan. They stayed over a week for travel in there when they visited last time for Fuji Rock Festival.Kapil had spoken was really enjoy in Kyoto to see Kinkakuji and some beautiful view! It seems so busy schedule in this time to stay longer in Japan.But I hope they will enjoy at the moment in Tokyo!Have a safe travel!And turn back here!!

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