Sunday, 21 December 2008

QOS New Mohair jumper Details! and new Cardigan --- AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class
It's basically long sleeve for cold hands.

AL from Maths Class
It's really much with number scarf and hold up sleeve. it's could be reversible fabric.

Mohair jumper Logo and hold up sleeve
Logo is simple left bottom.

It's really warm!

AL from Maths Class
It's new jersey cardigan. it's really much with QOS colourful button Shirts!

AL from Maths Class
sometimes with black glasses? fun.

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
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*It's new stuff details. Last clothes design in this year! I really like this jumper.It's really feel in UK!Also,new jersey cardigan is good for all season.
It's very comfortable fabric.
Thank you so much for Al.It's long day for taking lots of shooting. He didn't say complain at all in cold.I was really afraid about it. But I really like his picture and so fun.I thought it's good idea and I wanted to show lots of amazing London from my view. Most my picture are night or difficult to show you nice London. I'm very happy to show you some amazing London!!I hope it's continue in next year as well!I will be looking for cool London.if you know somewhere good,Please let me know!I really want to grow up more photography career.
Al told me a nice illustrator Saul Steinberg.

saul steinberg

Thank you so much xxx

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